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Products featured: Silvie Dining Chair, Harry Dining Table, Bright Christmas 18cm Plate, Splendid Stemware Suite, Brass Bowl & Set of 6 Pure Lux Wine Goblets – Burgundy

As the nights draw in, it’s that time of year when nights on the sofa and simple home comforts inevitably lead to lingering thoughts of the upcoming festive season. None of us should be denied a little bit of pampering around about now, and we’ve recently discovered a pretty fab way to shop without even leaving the comfort of your living room.
Luxdeco are one of this year’s hot properties in the online retail world. Established with the goal of offering a tailor-made luxury shopping experience to both men and women, they’re a team of experts with their finger on the pulse of what’s what in high-end style at the moment. Indeed, one glance at www.luxdeco.com quickly reveals that these guys and gals don’t do anything unless it really looks good. It’s paying off too. They’ve been splashed across the international press of late, Lux Worldwide recently describing them as “uncovering a sophisticated world of luxury and style, presented in a fashion to be expected from such an exclusive style specialist.”

So what can Luxdeco do for you this autumn and Christmas? They have a treasure trove of gift ideas from over 200 high-end brands alongside a range of glamorous accoutrements to adorn your festive soirees. Like so many of the best style guides, you won’t find them pigeon-holed into one trend or another; quite simply if it looks good, it looks good. A personal favourite at the moment is the Silvie Dining Chair, exquisitely covered in blue velvet this luxury chair oozes regal simplicity, especially when combined with the luxurious Harry Dining Table. Versace’s yuletide dinner service and Splendid’s gold-gilded crystal stemware, they ooze nouveau riche classical sophistication. We are also enamoured by Louise Bradley’s brass bowls, which display an all together different aesthetic. The former represent the ongoing trend in uber-chic art deco styling’s, the latter this year’s popular line in metallic’s.

Indeed Luxdeco currently have one of the finest selections of art deco furnishings we have laid eyes upon. Dom Edizioni’s collection is the star of the show. The Italian furniture house’s refined designs and exquisite style are a great example of why it pays to let the experts do the hard work. They’ve handpicked from the showrooms and catalogues so you don’t have to.
There’s also plenty of fun to be had when you start to think about gifts for your nearest and dearest. The gents are treated to a bespoke selection from the likes of Hugo Boss, Aston Martin and Linley, all of which maintain the Luxdeco style ethos. Cuff links, decanters, poker chips…all beautifully crafted. The LD guys even saw fit to feature a table football game- in stylish crystalline, of course. The ladies collection also cuts a dash and features some of our old Christmas favourites embellished for the luxury end of the market.

In short, we think the Luxdeco team have got the type of keen eye that could make this season a very, very stylish one for you and your family.

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November 11, 2013