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Why You Should Add Modern Ventless Fireplaces For The Basement

If your basement is complete and has been turned into a media room, game room, a bar or a place where you do your exercise, read or meditate, a contemporary ventless fireplace provides the much needed finishing touch. However, not many people understand a lot about these functional and beneficial art pieces and lots of safety questions might be asked especially about using them in a closed part of the house that might not have a single window.  The truth is they are great options and ideal in heating any kind of space irrespective of a window or lack of it.

Basement Warming

Whether you have some warmth in the basement, as rare as that might be, it is usually very cold. A basement is usually damp and not many people are very keen about raising the heat to add more warmth than what is already there just to make the cold air a little warmer. With a wall, corner or floor fireplace in the basement, there is definitely no need. Rather, without any heat being forced into your basement, these can be wonderful alternatives to go to especially if you can afford electric models.

The only thing required includes an electric outlet and any modern ventless fireplace will ensure the basement remains warm and comfortable. There is definitely no need of worrying so much that the energy bill will go up; most hardly use a lot of electricity more than the average coffee maker already plugged in the kitchen.


Compared to a fireplace that burns wood to produce heat, which could compromise the quality of the air by starting a fire, a modern type of ventless fireplace is so convenient you can place it anywhere you want. The levels of oxygen in the place are not affected and zero toxins that chock, sneezing, bring about carbon monoxide poisoning, coughing or allergic reactions are released into the basement air. Also, many are always worried about the level of dangerous chimney fires that sparks could fly out, catch the papers, carpet and other flammable materials to cause an inferno.

Peace Of Mind

Additionally, you will find many electric ventless fireplaces that remain cool to touch. If you have a pet with unique paws and fingers or kids, they will be provided with the peace of mind they deserve. Compared to most space heaters and gas models that bring about burns, you can be sure an electric model will not. It is wise to prefer bio-fuel or gel style flames and wall fireplaces are a good place to start, especially if you have children and tender pets at home. Your most loved pets and young ones will be kept out of harm and warm at the same time with zero risk of getting burned. It is possible the space is only used for a couple of hours each time and ensuring bio-fuel or gel has been burned will not be that expensive.

You will find that with fireplaces burning wood you have a lot to lose, including your basement to a possible fire. A modern ventless fireplace ensures this does not happen.

Author Bio

Jenni is an Interior Designer and a passionate blogger who shares Designs on her personal photo blog. She recently shopped for modern fireplaces at Soothing Company and found it perfect as per her client’s requirements.

November 16, 2013