What is the Process When Buying a Home?

For most people out there, the purchasing of land and building a home on it, can be a more attractive alternative than going for an existing house or unit. By doing things this way it will mean you can construct the home to suit you and your family needs just perfectly. These easy steps will ensure that you enjoy and comprehend every step of the way to purchasing that ideal home.


1. Choose Which House and Area

You can either choose your house or land as a package or separately, depending on what you require. Whichever one you decide on, make sure to select land that will adequately fit the size of the house you want to have built. If you’re interested in a house and land package in Perth, make sure of using the best out there. The kind of property and the location you choose should suit your lifestyle. So, importantly, the choice comes back to one simple question – how are you hoping to use your property? Therein lies the answer to whether the area and home are just right for you and your budget.

2. Sort Out Your Finances

Talk to your bank or finance broker and work out how much you can spend on your property. Don’t be hasty! Give it a number of days, mull it over, so you can work out all finances. Don’t forget, this in most cases, will probably be the biggest amount of spending you’ll ever make.

3. Make the Purchase

Have the contract of sale drawn up, make payments on any necessary deposits and consult with your solicitor to certify your land settlement.

4. Get the Building Proposal

Your developer will ready an itemised new home proposal, which will include your choice of finishes, alterations, additions and customisations that you wish to have for your property.

5. Sign the Contract

After your contract has been made ready, make an appointment with your solicitor to get it signed and pay the balance of your deposit.

6. Obtain All of Your Property’s Permits

Your developer shall look after lodging the building permit applications for your property, pay the associated fees, and arrange any sewer and mains connections.

7. Up She Goes – The Building of Your Home

Your builder is now totally responsible for the construction of your new home and will keep you posted every point of the way. Whilst construction is going on, work safety regulations state that access to your home can only occur, when you’re accompanied by a builder’s representative.

8. Almost There! Key Collection Time

When your home is finally finished, your developer will hand over to you your property’s Occupation Certificate. Now is the time to carry out any final payments and for the handover to happen! Time to collect your keys! are a trusted, affordable and well experienced home builders in the W. Australian region. Check ‘em out!

9. Hey Presto! Move On In and Lap it All Up!

Get out the recently purchased welcome mat and move your family into their brand new home and enjoy everything you have been waiting for and it has to offer.


It wasn’t that difficult was it? Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?! Enjoy!

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December 21, 2016