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What are the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring for Your Home?

When it comes to installing or replacing the flooring at home, many people have questions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl-based floors; so here are the pros and cons so that when choosing flooring for your home you can make the right decision.

Thanks to new materials and applied treatments, vinyl floors have acquired greater durability, resistance to rubbing and improved insulation. Such flooring is currently used in shops, hotels, restaurants and increasingly in homes.


Ease of cleaning. One of the highlights is the ease of cleaning. Since it has a waterproof coating it can be moistened to clean efficiently and quickly. It is resistant to non-abrasive cleaning products or solvents.

Ideal for humid areas. It is an ideal flooring to change the appearance quickly of ‘wet sectors’, such as the kitchen or bathroom, as vinyl flooring resists water. In these cases, it is appropriate to use anti-slip floors, a type of vinyl floor manufactured especially with safety in mind.

Easy and economical installation. Another remarkable point is its installation. It is not necessary to remove the previous floor to install contemporary vinyl flooring, so the work is done much faster and most options are available in tile format making for simple installation, which means that with basic knowledge or with a little patience, you can install it without hiring specialised personnel. All this directly affects the general price of installing the flooring, making the renovation or installation of the floors in your house cheaper than in many other cases.

Variety of designs. New flooring improves the aesthetics of any environment. The current designs are different to old vinyl flooring of the 60s or 70s, with vinyl wood flooring and imitation stone or ceramic tiles being extremely popular nowadays.


Heat and sunlight. Although the current vinyl floors have some resistance to high temperatures, it is necessary to avoid supporting hot objects on their surface or placing them near sources of heat that can damage their structure. On the other hand, sunlight can, in some extreme cases, discolour the flooring with the passage of time so it is good that they are not exposed to the sun directly and excessively. Also, not all vinyl flooring options are suitable for floors with a radiant heating system.

Little resistance compared to some other materials. Although the manufacturing processes have improved dramatically, the resistance of vinyl wood floors requires more care than conventional hard flooring such as ceramic. Also, some vinyl flooring can be damaged by sharp, rough or hot objects.

However, overall, modern luxury vinyl flooring sourced from a quality supplier can provide many enjoyable benefits such as being less hard on the feet, less cold than traditional ceramic and easier to clean than a hardwood flooring. Just make sure not to sacrifice quality for price when choosing this highly flexible and attractive flooring option.



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January 31, 2018