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Top Items to Have in Your Survival Shelter

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With the growing impact of natural calamities and other such activities, it always pays well to have some kind of control over your environment and have certain tools and items to your rescue. You cannot predict what the future has in store for you and therefore, it is best that you look life in the eye and be completely prepared for it. One such situation is hands down spending time the survival shelter. You need to be very particular and carry certain items with you that will be needed at all times for your basic survival if not more. As a rule of thumb, energy resources, food and water are the basic amenities that you need to take care of to ensure your survival. Given below are certain items that you absolutely cannot think of doing without in situation of crisis or when survival is the aim.

1.)   Water:

You may not realize it but water plays a colossal role in your survival and must therefore, be the first thing that you must consider when looking into survival supplies for your shelter. It is a known fact that over 70% of the human body is made of water and thus, even a few days without water will have a deteriorating effect on your health. Depending upon the duration that you will be spending your time in such shelters, you must decide on the quantity of water that will be required for your survival.

2.)   A reliable first aid kit:

The human body is prone to a plethora of infections and diseases that have the ability to take away a human life. Something as trivial as a cut from a rusted metal can lead to death. Therefore, a reliable first aid kit is something that must form part of your survival supplies kit. This first aid kit must include antibiotics and painkillers for treating a myriad diseases and infections namely common flu, fever, stomach aches and food poisoning. If you do suffer from certain medical conditions like eczema or even asthma, the required medication must be included in your kit for safety reasons.

3.)   A good quality Swiss knife and a survival knife:

You have no idea of the kind of hassles and obstacles that you may have to face in a survival shelter and therefore, having a Swiss knife is always a good idea. The same rule applies for a survival knife as well. Using these knives, you can perform almost any activity, from opening food cans to building your own shelter and therefore, the versatility of these knives makes it a must have in your survival supplies kit.

4.)   Frozen foods:

Frozen meals or those that have been freeze dried are perfect in a survival situation. One of the greatest benefits of using these is the fact that along with providing the required nutrition that is basic to survival, it also takes up minimal space and therefore, you can arrange all of the other supplies effectively. Besides, they contain natural nutrients that are not tainted with any kind of chemicals. Besides, they are the perfect way to provide nourishment to your body in such a situation.

5.)   A backpack:

Carrying everything in your arms and hands all the time is likely to weigh you down and eventually leave you feeling tired and exhausted. Therefore, having a backpack that will lie securely on your back is the perfect solution and will also ensure that your arms are not burdened with excessive weight. Carrying all your supplies in a backpack is extremely convenient and hassle free.

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November 8, 2013