The Need for Inspecting a Storage Site before Signing the Contract

Before deciding to get storage services, it helps if you visit the site first and see it for yourself. You might be satisfied with their services based on the information provided online, but in reality, it might be different. By conducting a thorough inspection of the storage area, it is easy to trust them to handle valuable property.

Check the location

It is extremely important to choose an area which is not too far from your place. This will make it easier for you to transfer items. If the storage area is too far away, not only will it take time to move all the items, you will also have to spend more.

Inspect the storage area itself

It also helps if you inspect the storage area. Determine if the size is large enough to accommodate all your items for storage. Find out if there is temperature control. Ask about the security features in place like security cameras. Make sure that the lock on the main door is impenetrable. Unless you are physically present to open your storage area, no one else should be able to do it.

Special services

Aside from the storage area, also check if they have other services available. For instance, check if they can provide you with an assistant should you request one. This person will help load and unload the items. They must also have equipment like stairs or push carts to help you easily arrange the items inside. You don’t have lots of time to move all your items. It would be great if you can get things done in no time.

Number of occupied storage facilities

Look around and see if there are a lot of empty storage facilities. This might mean that not so many people trust the company. However, if almost all the storage facilities are filled, it means that they are highly trusted with the service. It also means that you have to hurry and close the deal before they run out of space.

Double check the contract

After checking the storage facility, and when you are satisfied with what you have seen, it is time to sign the contract. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions. Double check the price and the penalty for late payments. Carefully think of whether or not a long term contract is necessary. If you are fine with all the details, go ahead and sign it. Keep a copy of the contract. You can start moving your items once you are given the all clear to go ahead.

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March 23, 2017