The Latest Trends in Home Technology for 2016

People’s everyday life is getting technologically smarter with every year. Homes make no exception – advancements in home technology have allowed designers and engineers to come up with new ideas and concepts, and implement those successfully in the form of devices, systems and innovations which are shaping the home of the future.

Home Entertainment

New trends in home entertainment are always aplenty. Without getting into too much detail about all those hi-tech lounge room innovations, focus of attention is on new generation TVs. Here is what to watch out for during 2014:

  • Ultra HD

This is a super high definition screen technology which allows four times better sound, and sharpness of the picture of the current but soon-obsolete HD technology.

  • Curved Screens.

For a couple of decades, flat-screen TVs were the bomb. These days however, screens are getting curvier once again, though this time they are curving outward, towards the viewer. The idea of outward curved screens is to allow the viewer to literally immerse themselves in the atmosphere created by the TV, perhaps the closest thing to virtual reality right now.

New Kitchen Technology

Designers and engineers have been innovating kitchen technology constantly in the last decade or so. From smart kitchen robots, to interactive appliances and all in between, here is a glimpse of what could soon be in your kitchen:

  • Touchscreen Cooktops

These innovative cooktops are able to display the recipe of the dish being cooked, and a bunch of other things too, while the meal is being prepared. The beauty of it is that the cooktop uses induction to heat and cook food, which allows the surface (screen) of the cooktop to remain cool and touchable.

  • Smart Stoves

The smart stove allows users to watch cooking tutorials on a built in screen while their dish is cooking. The smart stove will also signal, or text message the user when their food is cooked. The stove will be remotely controlled by user via tablet PC or smartphone. This gizmo has also got a specially built in meat thermometer which pauses cooking when the meat has reached perfect temperature.

Wet Room Innovations

The bathroom and the toilet have also seen a fair few innovations in the last couple of decades, though in this case smart technology needs to meet efficiency. Here are some examples of where bathroom innovations are headed:

  • DTV Shower

The latest version of this showering system is smart to the brim. The shower controls water flow, pressure and temperature. As expected there are multiple jets, all controllable. The shower system also has an overhead chromo therapy unit, and a steam bath option. Everything is controlled from a stylish, wall mounted, water resistant touch screen.

  • Hands Free Faucets

Water efficient faucets have been around for a bit, though this is the next generation in smart water dispensing. The hands free faucet is sensor operated which minimises false activation and unnecessary water waste. The faucet will activate when it senses close proximity presence and in turn deactivate when the user steps away.

Innovative Home Heating & Cooling

Smart heating and cooling systems for the home, have been improving and becoming more sensitive with every year. Microclimate control at home is the way of the future. Here are a couple of examples of what’s to come:

  • Smart Thermostats. These clever gadgets may seem like your ordinary thermostat but they are much more advanced. Smart thermostats learn from your living pattern at home. They learn where you spend time in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. They control temperature inside the room and switch off parts of the system when you are not in the room.

David Drasnin is a freelance writer who loves discussing topics like cars, gadgets, latest mobile apps, sports and movies. Currently he is involved in a number of projects the most current of them being a mutual initiative with Reliant Computer Services.