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Styling tips for the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, where you rest, relax and recuperate ready for the next day.

But what can you do to spruce up your bedroom, to make the most out of this essential room. Fitted bedroom specialist DM Design has given us some useful tips on styling your bedroom.

Make the most out of your headboard. There’s an increasingly-popular trend for turning a bed’s headboard into a feature itself. Designers either create a whole padded wall to act as a backdrop for the bed, or make the headboard out of another piece of furniture, like shelving or cabinets.

Make sure you’ve considered storage. Get creative with your storage. You can get drawers for underneath your bed (if you want to disguise your storage), or you can buy attractive boxes that you can display – that also double-up as storage. Make sure you have more storage than you need.

Add mirrors to increase space. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, adding mirrors is a great way to increase the light and feeling of spaciousness in your room. Choose mirrored wardrobes, or hang a full-length mirror to make an impact.

Bring in some greenery. Fresh plants and flowers are a great – and affordable way – to add style, and a feeling of freshness and relaxation to a bedroom. These work especially well when combined with neutral and earthy tones, to give a greater feeling of the great outdoors.

Introduce different patterns on different scales. Mixing patterns always adds an interesting element of style to a bedroom, but it looks particularly chic when the same pattern is used on a few different scales. For example, small polka dots could be used on bedding, larger on cushions and a few larger spots on the wall.

Embrace an accent colour or two. Accent colours can have different levels of prominence in your bedroom. The feature wall is a classic that allows you to experiment with colour, but you can also add a pop of colour to throws, bedding, cushions or rugs without it being overwhelming.

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January 11, 2017