Perfecting Your Home’s Atmosphere After a Big Move

So you just finally finished the big move. You and your family wanted to upsize, and move into a home that gave you all more space and more energy. You found the perfect home, in a more exciting neighborhood, and went all in. The closing went smooth and butter, with no problems getting the financing or finalizing contracts. The move itself was also extremely smooth, and was actually quite the fun family project. All the kids helped to pack, labeling boxes carefully and packing valuables carefully. All in all, you would say that the move was an overwhelming success.


The boxes are in the new house and things are getting unpacked, and that’s when the big realization hits that the move is actually just getting started. Moving out of a house is one thing, but moving in is actually not done until the last little detail is accounted for and organized. At the same time, you are now at the opportune time to turn your new house into a really comfortable, and attractive home. You have a completely clean slate now to setup your new home and create a new atmosphere for you and your family. One of the things many people tend to overlook when moving into a new house is the smell of the new house. Often, people are more focused on the aesthetic and setup of the house. People focus on furniture and the paint on the walls, but sometimes the smell is just as important. Find ways to incorporate nice candle setups throughout the house, so they work with the furniture setup but can also have the dual impact of making the house smell unique and fresh. The other aspect that’s overlooked in setting up a house is adding character to the home, making sure it has personality. What this means is switching up the styles and feels of different rooms, instead of having an overly uniform and plain home. What many people are doing nowadays and getting their kids to have a direct input in the setup and decorations of their rooms. Show them these Groupon Coupons for Childrens Place and let them go wild. Adding a unique touch by letting your kids decide on some decorating can make your home feel more homey and comfortable in the long run.

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March 1, 2017