Melbourne Guide for Fresh Graduates Looking for Jobs

Australia is one of the countries that can offer a greener pasture to immigrants want to start a new life. Melbourne, in particular, is among the favourite cities that house people from abroad. If you’re a fresh graduate and is looking for a job in the city, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the job market and other details related to working in the region.

How is the job market in the country?

Your chances of landing a job in Melbourne greatly depend on the job market. The UK graduates looking for a job in Melbourne can work by using the Working Holiday visa scheme. It allows you to find temporary, casual and seasonal work in the major industries. However, if you’re planning to find long term and permanent employment, you must possess excellent qualifications, skills and experience.

What is it like working in Melbourne, Australia?

Once you’re employed, you’ll be working on an average of 38 hours a week. Working extra hours is the best way to earn overtime pay.

The compensation and privileges during holidays vary as per the state you’re living in. However, throughout Australia, permanent employees can enjoy paid leave.

Non-residents are required to pay higher tax contributions as compared to the locals. The good thing is that foreign residents are exempted from paying contribution for the Medicare levy.

How do you apply for jobs?

Companies in Melbourne, Australia requires a cover letter and CV from the applicants. If you’re applying, make sure you can be an asset to the company. You can directly apply to a particular company in the case of speculative applications.

If you’re a fresh graduate, it’s recommended not to apply for graduate jobs unless you are an official resident in the city and have the correct visa. However, if you possess specialist skills included in the SOL or have been working in an international company with a branch in Australia, then you’re qualified for graduate jobs.

Where can you find vacancy sources?

If you’re planning to find employment in Melbourne, the best thing to do is to search for vacancy prior to moving to the state. There are various job websites available where you can search for job vacancies. You can also consider recruitment agencies, newspapers and even networking.

Recruitment agencies are posting and advertising particular positions on jobseeker’s websites and in newspapers. The good thing about this option is that the list is categorised according to the location and industry area of the company.

Still, there are chances in which the job that fits your educational background and experience is not advertised. In which case, the best strategy to employ is networking. You can ask information from people working in the area that you’re interested stay in. Then, contact the company’s human resources department and ask if there are any openings. Moreover, you can obtain information from local business associations.

Where can you stay while working?

Another thing to consider when looking for job in the city is your accommodation. You can consider looking for houses for sale in Melbourne so that you can save from renting a place at higher costs.


Working in Melbourne is the key to gain residency in the city. Luckily, the opportunities available within the entire Australia is unlimited.

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October 23, 2016