Kitchen Essentials

Whether you’re moving into a new home or you want a new look in the kitchen, there are a few items that you should think about adding that will make cooking and storage a little more convenient. Modern kitchen cabinets don’t necessarily need doors anymore as one of the latest trends is an open storage method. This involves the shelves of the cabinets being placed on the walls without the doors. It gives an opportunity to display dishes and other items that you would normally hide behind the cabinet door.

The cutting board might sound like something your grandmother would have used more often than you, but if you want to keep the counters clean, then invest in at least one cutting board or maybe two if you do a lot of cooking and prep work in the kitchen. Along with the cutting board, you also need a good knife set. Make sure there is a variety of knives in the set, such as a paring knife and a filet knife.

Measuring cups and spoons are also ideal to have, especially if you do a lot of baking. You usually don’t think about having them until they are needed, so it’s best to just go ahead and keep an inexpensive set in the kitchen for when you have to measure flour, sugar and other items. Another item that you really don’t think about having in the kitchen is a can opener. You usually automatically think that one is available, but if you don’t purchase one, then you’re out of luck when it comes to opening cans. Most people are accustomed to cans that have a lid that opens without a device, but there are still many that require an opener.

A casserole dish is more valuable than you might imagine. Not only can you bake a casserole, but you can also bake chicken and other meats, giving your family a healthier meal as baking is often better than frying. A colander is ideal for straining pasta so that you get all of the water out before adding sauces. You also want to keep a variety of pots and pans as you might not need a large pot while cooking, but you might find that you need a larger pan than you have if you are frying several pieces of meat or other foods at one time. Numerous pieces of equipment also make it easier to cook a meal at one time instead of waiting for one thing to get done.

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August 18, 2016