How to Join Video Clips to Create a Virtual House Tour with Movavi Video Editor

Are you thinking about recording a virtual house tour that you can use to advertise a property or even just show off your new home to your friends and family? If you attempt to record an entire tour in just a single take odds are you’ll find that it ends up less than satisfactory – and you may even have to re-record that one take many times over just to get it right.

Instead of going through that hassle, the easier method is to record several shorter clips of video and then join them together to create your virtual house tour. Each clip could be several seconds in length, so the odds of anything going wrong would be much lower and if something does go wrong you’d only have to re-record those few seconds.

Of course to pull this off you’ll need a video joiner – which is where Movavi Video Editor will come into play. All you need to do to join your video clips when using it is:

  1. Click on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and select the video clips that you want to join.

  2. All the video clips you selected will appear in the ‘Timeline’ and you can drag them around till they are in the right sequence.

  3. Click ‘Export’ to save your video when you are done.

Although joining video clips itself should take no time at all with Movavi Video Editor, you may want to spend a few minutes more exploring its other features too. With the help of these features you’ll be able to trim out unnecessary segments of video, enhance the video quality, place stylish animated transitions between video segments, add customizable text, include background music or a voice narration, and apply special effects or filters.

All these features will allow you to give your virtual house tour several nice finishing touches that could make it stand out and look that much more appealing. Because of the user-friendly approach employed by Movavi Video Editor, putting these features to use will often only require a few clicks or some other basic actions.

Now that you know how to join video clips to create a virtual house tour with Movavi Video Editor you should find it a lot easier to do so. Forget about recording a single take, and instead plan your tour so that you can record it in several parts and then join them later.

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October 1, 2016