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How to cut Energy Bills by Choosing the Right floor

Whether you’ve just moved in or want to give your home a renovation, you might be considering ways of making your home more environmentally friendly. As such, one thing to consider is your floor. A great choice would be a wood floor. Not only do these floors look beautiful, they are also incredibly eco-friendly and can help you to cut back on those heating bills.

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A common misconception when looking for a new floor is that carpet will be the best insulator. This actually isn’t true since carpet can’t circulate and retain heat anywhere nearly as efficiently as a wood floor. Additionally, if you want a floor that will last a lifetime, then wood is exactly what you’re looking for. With a noticeably longer life span than carpet, you wouldn’t ever need to replace it within your lifetime. This saves on energy costs used to produce materials which is also a great reduction to your carbon footprint.

People can sometimes assume that wood floors are damaging to the environment since the production process cuts down so many trees. While this may have been true years ago, modern forestry management now means that wood floors are ethically sourced. For every tree cut down, a new one is planted to replace it.

There are a number of different wood floors, so you might be at a loss as to which one would be best to help cut back those dreaded energy bills. Engineered wood flooring is the perfect choice for modern homes that are looking to save those few extra pennies. It looks like real wood floor, but is instead a combination of plywood layers and a solid wood layer. As a result, the floor looks and and feels like the real thing, and can often be cheaper up front too. Plywood is a great insulator of heat and it is because of these layers that engineered floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating whereas a solid wood product is not.

There are also a few other steps you can take to further insulate your floor properly. Choosing the right underlay for your floor can help to keep that heat in for longer. This will only further reduce your heating bills, so is an important factor to consider.

To summarise, wood floors are a great and efficient way to save money on heating to keep your home feeling warm and cosy come winter. You might be put off by the upfront cost of a wood floor, but this more than makes up for itself and its a good idea to think of your new wood floor as a long-term investment. Once you consider the insulation properties of a wood floor coupled with the incredible durability, you will be more than convinced that a wood floor is a fantastic choice for your home!

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March 28, 2018