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Five Neatness Tips for Your Home-Improvement Projects

Remodeling, repainting or adding onto a home can add monetary and emotional value to your surroundings. As you likely know, such projects have the potential to produce a spectrum of messes. You can mitigate messiness with these simple measures.

Store Everything in Its Proper Place

No matter your project, begin it by pretending that you are about to show your house to a potential buyer. In that situation, you would nix all clutter. Doing the same before improvement projects gives you less to clean up later. It also helps you protect items you adore. During this step, wash and store all or your dishes, put your clothes where they belong and remove anything fragile from the room where you intend to work.

Cover Your Surfaces

Your project may involve paint, a sander, a saw or a variety of home-improvement items that can create a short-term mess. Cleanup goes faster when you place a barrier between your project’s materials and your home’s surfaces. Use protective films, flooring papers and similar barriers from manufacturers like TRIMACO to provide cleanliness, dust containment and confidence.

Protect Your Furniture

In addition to your counters, floors and walls, you must keep home-improvement materials off of your furniture. To do so, employ one of three methods. When projects allow, leave your furniture in your home, and cover it. Plastic films and drop clothes are useful tools here. Alternatively, for short projects on clear days, you can move your furniture onto your lawn. Finally, when you need your furniture out of your home for longer projects, you can rent a storage unit. For full protection, look for a location with a security gate, video surveillance and well-maintained units.

Achieve a Fine Line Every Time

When painting or staining surfaces, precision beats winging it. Masking papers and tapes can aid you in your quest to impress your guests with new coats. Those protective materials create smiles by removing the potential for sloppiness.

Use the Right Neatness Materials for the Task

Some home-improvement tasks require hammers while others need brushes. Likewise, you will enjoy easier cleanup when you properly deploy flooring paper, dust-containment units or any protective covering.


The time and energy that you apply to your home’s projects will affect how you feel about your living space. Thoughtfully approaching any project and its likely cleanliness issues will improve your chances of good feelings and happy memories.

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February 3, 2018