Don’t Go Overboard: Styling Tips For The Office

So, after all this time, you finally have your own office. But now, more than ever, the problem is styling it? While hiring an interior designer to do the job can be very expensive, there are ways for you to save money while avoiding being tacky. The office plays a huge role in the business—it is where most of the paper work is done, it is the place where the prospective clients and/or investors gather with you to discuss business matters, and it is also the place where you hone your employees to become the best that they can be. These, among others, are some of the reasons why the office is very important. As important as the office space is, the furniture and fixtures inside can also make or break your business. Think about going to a business process outsourcing company and seeing animal prints everywhere? Wouldn’t that look unprofessional? What kind of impression will that leave you? To avoid all the negativity, here are some styling tips to help you get your style right in the office.

1.       Use Neutral Colors As Often As You Can. 

Unless your business is an art studio, there is no excuse for using loud, neon colors. Make use of neutral shades such as Beige and accentuate them by adding colors of the same hue but in a darker shade. This way, the office space will stand out, without hurting the eyes.

2.       The Lighting Effect 

You should only use bright white or warm lights. Avoid dark lights as they do not hint a sense of professionalism at all. Make sure that there are no red, blue or green light bulbs. You can also scout the stores for more stylish-looking yet not disturbing chandeliers. Chandeliers always suggest sophistication so it will be a very nice investment.

3.        Make Sure There Is Uniformity In The Office Furniture

Take for example if you are using shades of mahogany in one cubicle, then make sure to use something that is near that color and the style of the furniture. If all tables should have receding chairs, then so be it! If all tables are L-Shaped, then all tables should be L-shaped. Remember to be adventurous with your furniture choices, but stick to the ones that are already tried and tested.

4.       Do Not Display Animal Pictures Or Use Animal Prints 

Unless the business is animal-related, it is not quite acceptable to use leopard-print wallpaper than uncomplicated neutral tone paint. Also, hanging deer heads in the office is creepy.

5.       Keep It Organized! 

If all the boxes for filing are in the corner, then all boxes for filing should be in the corner. As simple as it seems, this is the hardest to follow by some. While it is a given fact that offices are often messy due to paper works, it will never hurt to try. You can even set standards to your employees and then recognize the ones who made it to the cut. Remember, this will not only boost their morale, but it can also inspire others.

There’s definitely more to designing and decorating office spaces but these tips should get you started so better keep them in mind.

Author Bio

Marie is an Interior Designer and Decorator who specializes in offering design consulting to various Business’s. She occasionally shops for office furniture from Only Office Furniture.

November 29, 2013