Basic Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Having a home pool is a wonderful way to relax, enjoy the heat of the summer, stay cool, and spend time with friends and family. While it is enjoyable, it also comes with some responsibilities and maintenance work. Here are some basic pool cleaning and maintenance tips to help you keep your pool looking and working great all summer long!

First, be sure to skim the pool’s surface every few days to remove debris, sticks, twigs, bugs, fallen items, pollen and more. This is the quickest and simplest way to keep your pool clean. Surface debris will eventually sink to the bottom of the pool if it is not cleaned up in a timely manner. Debris on the bottom of a pool is more time consuming and difficult to clean up so its better to reduce pool bottom buildup and save yourself from more tedious cleaning routines.

Also, be sure to clean out the strainer baskets around the pool which are meant to collect debris as well. Cleaning the strainers not only keeps the pool cleaner but it can also help improve the pool’s circulation system and lower your pool’s chlorine demands significantly. To clean these, simply remove the basket and shake it out into the garbage. You can also rinse it to make sure it is completely clean before replacing it again.

You will need to vacuum your pool approximately one time per week in order to collect settled dirt, debris and items that cannot be retrieved by hand.There are many vacuum types on the market. You can choose a manual vacuum that you use yourself, or you can also find automatic “robot” vacuums that survey the base of the pool on their own, sucking up debris as they go.

Make sure to service your pool heater as needed to keep it working well. Gas heaters usually only need to be serviced once every few years and electric ones can last even longer, but don’t wait too long! Calcium can build up in the heaters over time, preventing the water from getting warm enough in your pool. In this case, the heater may need to be taken apart by a pro, cleaned out with a brush and solution, and reassembled correctly.

Check the water levels of your pool each week. Often things like evaporation or even splashing can deplete the water levels throughout the week. Check to make sure the water is above the level of the skimmers so that everything can continue to run smoothly. If it does fall too low, you may have a pump problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. You can also use a garden hose to fill the pool and restore it to its normal water levels quickly to reduce damage.

Whether you have an in-ground pool from royal swimming pools or an out of ground pool from another company, these swimming pool tips can help you to care for your pool and stay current with its upkeep.