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What to Look for In a Diesel Generator

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already decided you want to buy a diesel generator. You appreciate the lower maintenance requirements and longer operating life that a diesel generator provides relative to a gas generator. However, there are many different diesel generators on the market. What should you look for in a diesel generator?

Power Generating Capacity

You can find gas generators that barely run your refrigerator or can power your whole home. You can find diesel generators that can power your home or provide a backup power source for an entire industrial facility. The diesel generators from Bellwood Rewinds are of higher quality than average, but the power output they provide is fairly typical. For example, Bellwood Rewinds offers generators from 20 Kva to 500 Kva.

Weight and Size

Diesel generators vary in both weight and size. If you’re looking for a portable generator, a lighter one wins over a heavier one, though diesel generators are going to be heavier than a comparable gasoline generator.

If you need a generator to provide power at various construction sites, you will appreciate one that fits on a trailer you already own instead of having to hire or buy a truck to transport it. You might want to choose a diesel generator that comes with its own protective housing. This adds a little weight to the generator, but it is cheaper and easier than buying a generator and then trying to find and fit a protective housing over one you purchased elsewhere.

When you’re dealing with industrial or commercial sites, your generator selection might be limited by the size of your concrete pad or the space you have in the power house. Make sure the generator and supporting equipment doesn’t weight more than what the foundation can stand. If it is a portable generator, find out if it fits on your existing trailers or truck beds or if you have to buy a new one to carry the unit.


Diesel generators in general are more reliable than gasoline generators. However, reliability varies from brand to brand and even model to model. A related concern is maintainability. How often does the oil need to be changed? How much particular matter does the generator produce, and how does that affect how often the air filters need to be replaced? Find out how easy it is to get replacement parts like air filters and oil. At least you don’t have to deal with spark plugs and carburetors.

Overall Value

Diesel generators tend to be more expensive than comparable gasoline generators. However, they can last up to three times as long. This makes diesel generators a better overall value. Do your research to find longer-lasting units or ones with value-added features. Maybe you want additional safety features or lower maintenance requirements. Furthermore, while diesel generators are more fuel-efficient than gasoline generators, they aren’t equally fuel efficient. If you’re going to be running the generator a lot, it is worth it to pay a little more for one that uses less fuel. You might prioritize free installation or an ongoing maintenance agreement when two competing units are similarly priced.

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August 20, 2020