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Go green by switching to bamboo bed sheets – What makes it a sustainable fabric?

From being a plant that brings you good luck to reaching your kitchen in the form of earthy kitchenware and your bedroom in the form of bed linens, there’s so much that you can love about bamboo both environmentally and aesthetically. Bamboo is known to be one among those plants which grow fastest with little or no need of pesticides and fertilizers. In fact, bamboo is a sustainable alternative to most of the conventional items like cotton and plastic. Have you heard of going green with choosing bamboo bedsheets?

The stretchy bamboo sheets are not only lightweight but they’re also breathable and extremely soft to lie on. There’s nothing to brag about when you know that a product is based on bamboo. Read on to know more on how bamboo sheets are a greener and more sustainable alternative for your bedroom linen.

How is bamboo transformed into a fabric?

Fabrics which are made from bamboo are usually called bamboo linen and it is made by crushing the stalks which are later on broken into natural enzymes. Soon it will take the form of a pulpy thing from which the fibers are spun to yarns which are later on woven to become different sorts of textiles.

Bamboo fabrics – How do they feel like?

The bamboo-based fabrics usually are similar to the texture that you find of silk and this is entirely because of the natural properties of the plant which also make it a rather breathable fabric that dries up 50% faster as compared to most cotton. Bamboo based linen tend to keep you cool during summer and warm during winter.

What is bamboo rayon?

One of the most common bamboo-based fabrics is bamboo rayon which is a fiber that’s man-made and which uses regenerated cellulose that you get from trees and plants. Nevertheless, when you process the fiber in order to produce bamboo rayon, this needs too many severe chemicals which can let go of all the natural sustainable properties of bamboo plant. As per what the FTC says, whenever bamboo is transformed to rayon, there is no sign of the bamboo plant in the ultimate product.

Are bamboo fabrics better than cotton?

The fabrics based on bamboo usually give you the feel of a higher thread count though a fraction of the fabric is actually used. Bamboo linen which has got 320 thread count could pass for a cotton bedsheet that has 500 thread count. From the environmental perspective, unless you use 100% organic cotton, majority of the products will need huge amount of water while producing it. It is also true on the other hand that harvesting traditional cotton accounts for 18% of the fiber and food insecticide use in the world.

So, now that you know that switching to bamboo linen and fabrics is definitely a sustainable alternative, you should immediately get active on making the switch. Visit a trustworthy retailer who can help you with the best quality bamboo bed sheet products.

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January 1, 2019